Our Philosophy

At The Nest Nail Spa, we are dedicated to providing a clean, comfortable experience. We believe in using safe products that are better for our clients, staff, and the environment.

Our experienced and highly-creative nail artists truly care about their clients. We ensure safety with every service while embracing individual style.

Come in to experience a nail spa that not only makes you look and feel good, but one that cares for people and the world we all share.

To Do a Common Thing Uncommonly Well Brings Success.
-Henry J. Heinz

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We started by taking our space down to nothing with a vision of creating a relaxing retreat like no other. Our goal was to create a cozy and intimate space where you truly feel like you’re in a nest. With a separate lobby and spa, you’re ensured privacy while your services are conducted.

We’re also proud of all the things you don’t see. The Nest Nail Spa was designed, engineered, and constructed to today’s strict building requirements. We engineered and created from scratch, with the help of one of Colorado’s top environmental engineers, a ventilation system that is leading our industry. The system is continuously venting air from each station and directing it outside while simultaneously replacing that air with clean fresh air from outside.